Community Innovation & Co-Creation Centre

CIC3 Provides a forum where a community (Students/Faculties/Researchers) would be able to come forward with a problem that they have identified and for which they have a solution in their mind.

CIC3 is a Co-Creation Space, which should become a magnet to attract all the creative persons and all the successful entrepreneurs of the area.  The students and faculties will not only be able to get facilities to develop their idea in to prototype but also, they would be able to discuss it with other ‘fellows’ at the center and they may be able to find mentors there.

Its a really innovative and research based idea to provide support with the necessary funding, resources and mentorship to build that idea into a reality.

The Vision of honourable Vice Chancellor for CiC3 Lab is to foster innovation, research and entrepreneurship among the students of GTU. This is the perfect platform for all hackers/makers/developers/students to showcase their skills, innovative ideas, passion and connect with the visionaries, industry experts who can mentor them and help to transform their ideas/projects into realities product.

GTU CiC3 is continuously engaged in research and development activities and CiC3 team conducts, mentors and co-ordinates various workshops/FDP/Seminar. GTU Sensor Lab is a part of CiC3 Lab. And also to prompt Research with the help of research partners (ISRO, IPR, etc) and Knowledge partners (TATA Motors, Atmel, National Instrument etc.) as well as we have highly advanced equipment like 3D printer, vinyl cutter,etc.